Thursday, September 17, 2009

AzMarie - The next androgynous Supermodel

AzMarie - The next androgynous Supermodel! (

I had a fantastic time shooting with her. No hang-ups, no hassle, a quick & simple, yet amazing shoot. this shoot was just playtime because we have not been able to do the other shoot i have planned for her. But i was tired of waiting to shoot her it has been over 6 months ive been waiting. here is the product of PlayTIme!


  1. love the styling with the doc marten's...use of light is always on point. ill.

  2. Hi William,

    Your photos look GREAT. You are very talented. Way to go! :-)

    Yakini (from Latin)

  3. Dope!!! Love the last look on the bed ♡

  4. hot stuff......i got a friend who takes pics sumthin like that......they r hot too