Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not just fashion!

I also shoot sexy women, i say that because skin and bones isnt sexy. I'm not saying fashion girls arent sexy, becasue there are quite a few who float my boat! and their expression, body language and confidence can make them sexy and their beauty is sometimes remarkable. But on a daily real life level... a woman with a body, a REAL woman, a woman with curves is sexy.

When i was in NY i shot a make-up artist/glamour model Courtney Starrburst. i Love the way the photos came out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

King Magazine... Up in Smoke

The Demise of King Magazine...

So what's next? there MUST be a replacement! the next cat is my boy Ransom. He's a beast with a camera and his take on T&A is He's not pretending like its art, its tits and ass! It is meant to arouse, and he is unapologetic about it. I LOVE IT!

i love that unlike King mag its not just sexy half naked girls on a white background or simple backgrounds. there is so much thought put into his imagery. I believe if King would have hired more shooters like him, then maybe they wouldnt have gotten boring and monotonous. you can find free T&A anywhere on the net, so what makes people come back for more. Ransom's work will. you can see more at his website -

He is also working on his publication, which i have seen a few pages from. PHENOMENAL! i cannot wait to see the final product and to shoot for it.

Here are some images of his, that i have ALWAYS loved:

And His Portrait of MEEEEE! :-p I know ya'll WISH lol

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rihanna AND Cassie - It has been a Great week!

how do two of the hottest R&B girls that i want to photograph get caught out there...?

they say that cassie's computer was hacked... ummm prolly not. im thinking more like Jay-Z's or the Dream maybe. maybe one of their computers was hacked LOL!

anyways I LOVE IT!!!

Cassie's kitty kat


lemme look into my vault who's naked photos do i have....

hmmm you guys are going to have to follow the blog a lot longer to get those :-D
when i drop my book well i have two photo books coming out ASAP! then you will get to see. ok, well here's one:

Milani Rose for my upcoming coffeetable book:

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Swine Flu - Mexico's attempt at Bio-Warfare!

Swine FLu - Mexico's attempt at Bio-Warfare!

so we have an epidemic, pandemic, whatever... the swine flu. i love it! LOL

mass hysteria, shit, its the flu people. it just came a little later than the regular flu. i guess enough people didnt die this winter so mother nature said hey, "i may have lost the battle this winter but i'm gonna win the war!" hence the swine flu

The president said to the people, they want to treat us badky here in Mexico, how about this. we will test out our new biological warfare. go, go and take the Flu to the gringos! cross the border and take it to the schools and the airports. If you get stopped at the border or aprehended by border patrol or those volunteer rednecks who ride around with guns at the border with Guns protecting the AMERICAN way of life from us "Aliens" SNEEZE on them! send them on their way with a GIFT from MEHICO!

So in conclusion -

If you've ever answered someone with the phrase, "when pigs fly" thinking you would never have to carry out these actions ...then start making your list. Cause guess what people... PIGS FLU!