Monday, August 16, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Deanna May

This is my 1st video, so dont kill me the editing is very elementary! LOL

she thinks the video sux, so it has been removed.......

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Facilitator of Debauchery - my shoot with Jaleel White

So i met this guy at a party who recognized my work... Surprisingly the guy was Jaleel White. The photo that he recognized was one of my Iconic Images.

"The Chick Urinal"

About a month later he asked me to shoot him for his Webisode "Fake it to Make it"
The reason was, i was the RIGHT person for the shoot.... in other words, from my photos he assumed i was the Facilitator of Debauchery; He was RIGHT! :-)

The Episode can be seen here(my photos are at the End of Webisode):

Fake it Til you Make it, Ep 4: Never Sleep With Fans

The following are a few that you can see without pausing the show to look at them.

i STAY BS'in right?

Sorry for the Long Absence... but in about na hour im going to begin my at least once a week blogging... i Promise for real this time! :-)

ive got a LOT going on and i want to keep you all updated. and if i have no shoots to Post, then i will post Old unseen stuff!

Trust me i have plenty, like the photos i will post in an hour they havent been seen in Photo Medium just ina slide show on Jaleel White's ahow, Fake it to make it.

Be back Shortly