Thursday, September 17, 2009

AzMarie - The next androgynous Supermodel

AzMarie - The next androgynous Supermodel! (

I had a fantastic time shooting with her. No hang-ups, no hassle, a quick & simple, yet amazing shoot. this shoot was just playtime because we have not been able to do the other shoot i have planned for her. But i was tired of waiting to shoot her it has been over 6 months ive been waiting. here is the product of PlayTIme!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jay-Z Blueprint 3 (the long anticipated)

So far what i have listened to is FIRE!!!
If you're like me you know how to download this from this site. Here is the link to his album via "The Leak"(MTV)

Jay-Z - Blueprint III

Only problem is that its edited :-( i'll still be in line to scoop it when it comes out! i'm one of the rare few who goes to the movies to see a movie comes out buys the bootleg and then cops the real joint when it comes out...

SO i still support the artists that i like. i will be bumpin this in the car in a few hours!

twitter will see some new J quotes from me later! lol

Jay-Z - Blueprint III