Monday, August 9, 2010

The Facilitator of Debauchery - my shoot with Jaleel White

So i met this guy at a party who recognized my work... Surprisingly the guy was Jaleel White. The photo that he recognized was one of my Iconic Images.

"The Chick Urinal"

About a month later he asked me to shoot him for his Webisode "Fake it to Make it"
The reason was, i was the RIGHT person for the shoot.... in other words, from my photos he assumed i was the Facilitator of Debauchery; He was RIGHT! :-)

The Episode can be seen here(my photos are at the End of Webisode):

Fake it Til you Make it, Ep 4: Never Sleep With Fans

The following are a few that you can see without pausing the show to look at them.

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