Monday, May 4, 2009

The Swine Flu - Mexico's attempt at Bio-Warfare!

Swine FLu - Mexico's attempt at Bio-Warfare!

so we have an epidemic, pandemic, whatever... the swine flu. i love it! LOL

mass hysteria, shit, its the flu people. it just came a little later than the regular flu. i guess enough people didnt die this winter so mother nature said hey, "i may have lost the battle this winter but i'm gonna win the war!" hence the swine flu

The president said to the people, they want to treat us badky here in Mexico, how about this. we will test out our new biological warfare. go, go and take the Flu to the gringos! cross the border and take it to the schools and the airports. If you get stopped at the border or aprehended by border patrol or those volunteer rednecks who ride around with guns at the border with Guns protecting the AMERICAN way of life from us "Aliens" SNEEZE on them! send them on their way with a GIFT from MEHICO!

So in conclusion -

If you've ever answered someone with the phrase, "when pigs fly" thinking you would never have to carry out these actions ...then start making your list. Cause guess what people... PIGS FLU!

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