Saturday, May 16, 2009

King Magazine... Up in Smoke

The Demise of King Magazine...

So what's next? there MUST be a replacement! the next cat is my boy Ransom. He's a beast with a camera and his take on T&A is He's not pretending like its art, its tits and ass! It is meant to arouse, and he is unapologetic about it. I LOVE IT!

i love that unlike King mag its not just sexy half naked girls on a white background or simple backgrounds. there is so much thought put into his imagery. I believe if King would have hired more shooters like him, then maybe they wouldnt have gotten boring and monotonous. you can find free T&A anywhere on the net, so what makes people come back for more. Ransom's work will. you can see more at his website -

He is also working on his publication, which i have seen a few pages from. PHENOMENAL! i cannot wait to see the final product and to shoot for it.

Here are some images of his, that i have ALWAYS loved:

And His Portrait of MEEEEE! :-p I know ya'll WISH lol


  1. Wow! His pictures are great!

    Courtney StarrBurst

  2. your photography is really sleazy and the lighting is bad.