Friday, May 8, 2009

Rihanna AND Cassie - It has been a Great week!

how do two of the hottest R&B girls that i want to photograph get caught out there...?

they say that cassie's computer was hacked... ummm prolly not. im thinking more like Jay-Z's or the Dream maybe. maybe one of their computers was hacked LOL!

anyways I LOVE IT!!!

Cassie's kitty kat


lemme look into my vault who's naked photos do i have....

hmmm you guys are going to have to follow the blog a lot longer to get those :-D
when i drop my book well i have two photo books coming out ASAP! then you will get to see. ok, well here's one:

Milani Rose for my upcoming coffeetable book:


  1. Damn! well at least they look good! almost too good in a way... tell me again how these were "accidentally leaked"?

  2. I didn't imagine Rihanna looking so good!!

  3. this is wild. you bring a lot of personality to your images.